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We believe in the strength of the idea. We have a passion for materiality and details. We craft architecture that is ultimately informed by the act of building.


LAB+ Architects is a full-service Los Angeles architecture and interior architecture office. We offer tailored professional services to nurture residential and commercial projects from inception through construction. We aspire to create architecture and humancentric designs that are integral to the city, thoughtfully and emotionally engaging and enduring. Our goal is to derive smart design solutions that deliver innovative and spiritually uplifting buildings from ideation to the last technical detail to meet our clients’ needs and project requirements. Our ideas are informed by the skein of historical perspectives while critically defined by contemporary ethos. Meticulous project management, financial responsibility and service professionalism are equal to our passion for excellence in design and the building craft.


Attuned to both historical perspectives and contemporary demands, we approach each project strategically and methodically. Our process considers all facets of a complex equation from conceptual underpinnings to pragmatic necessities.

Sound planning results in excellent functionality, performance and design

We research, analyze and synthesize various project forces to deliver executable strategies that result in smart solutions and unique results, mindful of strict client and project demands.

We ensure accountability at all stages of the architectural process

Tireless pursuit of bespoke design solutions through iterative processes, sophisticated technical knowhow and an efficiently and well managed project delivery process embody our dedication to providing outstanding work and professional services.

Teamwork is essential for success

A core LAB+ tenet – Teamwork is fundamental and necessary in order to achieve the best possible outcome for any project. We seek the active participation and input of the client, project stakeholders and our trusted consultants, to tailor unique and intelligent solutions to each new design challenge.


Andrew Liang

Andrew is the Founder of LAB+ Architects and brings over 25 years of varied scale, building & construction type experiences to the office. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from USC and Columbia University respectively. His professional training was gained in the offices of Richard Keating of KMJR, Peter Eisenman of Eisenman Architects and Harry Wolf of Wolf+. He previously co-founded the award-winning Los Angeles-based firm Studio 0.10 Architects and throughout the 90s he was also the founder and director of Form Zero Architecture Books + Gallery, a well-recognized venue for architectural discourse in Los Angeles. Alongside practice, he was an Adjunct Associate Professor at the USC School of Architecture and the Director of the school’s Asia Architecture and Urbanism (AAU) program from 2009-2013 spotlighting architecture in the rapidly metamorphosizing Chinese cities. He has served as a juror in international competitions, contributed papers and articles to architecture journals, lectured on the topics of architecture and cities and served as a board member of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture & Urban Design and the California State Park Foundation. His work has earned international recognitions and is widely published.