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AZ Productions Los Angeles

“Warehouse conversions are a dime a dozen in L.A., as expanding media companies try to create flexible workspaces and a sharper image as quickly and cheaply as possible. ┬áIn many ways, AZ Productions was typical…The difference: the firm hired…[Andrew Liang]…to fashion an interior as chaste and rigorous as a Donald Judd box, a radical departure from the rough-edged or eccentrically angled retrofits most entertainment-related companies prefer…The facility can also be seen as an urban center, with offices opening off streets that expand into public squares, and its success rests on the fluidity with which these workspaces and circulation and meeting areas alternatives flow together and stand apart.” – Michael Webb, Interiors Magazine

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Program(s): Post Production Sound Studio/Gallery
Size: 14,150 sq. ft.
Status: Completed