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MüSh Residence

“It is a house that draws on the rich tradition of residential modernism in Los Angeles.  But it is also a house that acknowledges the ways in which the city is changing, particularly when it comes to the opening up of the private residential realm to its urban environment…The result is nothing less than the model for a new kind of L.A. House.  It takes full advantage of the benign climate and provides plenty of space and seclusion.  But it also acknowledges the street and its neighbors – and by extension the larger city – rather than wrapping itself in a private green cocoon.” – Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times Architecture Critic

Location: West Los Angeles, CA
Program(s): Residential/Art Studio/1 bd. Apartment
Size: 5,484 sq. ft.
Status: Completed
Award(s): Archizinc Jury's Special Award; MCA President's Award